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Ticketor Affiliate and Referral Program
30% Monthly Recurring Commission

Ticketor is excited to offer the new partnership program, the best paying affiliate program in the industry!

  • Do you know people who need to sell tickets? Event organizers? Venues?
  • Do you know people who sell tickets on high cost 3rd party ticketing systems?

Help them switch to a better ticketing system and earn GOOD MONEY!

Ticketor affiliates now earn 30% commission for each sale they make. The commission is monthly and recurring for 1 full years after the subscription!

Active affiliates* will continue to earn 30% for the second year (up to 24 months from the referral date) and earn 10% for the next years (after 24 months) for the life of the account!

Commission are paid on all the setup fees, monthly fees and percentage that Ticketor charges your referred client.**

It takes only 30 seconds to become a Ticketor Affiliate and you get recurring 30% commission for each customer you bring in.


You refer an event organizer:

  1. They signs up for a Premium plan at $34.95/month. You make $10.48 each month.
  2. They sell 1000 tickets at $50.00 / ticket every month. You make $375.00 each month based on 2.5% transaction fee.

How does it work?

Simply Sign up here to become an affiliate. Then you will be provided with a track-able link. Send your referral to using the provided link or share the link on your website, blog, social media or through email. Anytime somebody signs up using your link, we add them to your referrals and you will automatically start to make commissions.

Commissions will be paid through PayPal to your PayPal account.

More details:

* To be considered "Active Affiliate" to receive commission after the first full year, you need to have at least 2 referrals in the past 12 months who have spent at least $50.00. Trial accounts who do not pay or the accounts who have paid less than $50.00 are not qualified.

** Commission are paid on the setup fee, monthly fee and percentage that Ticketor collects from your referred client. All other charges and fees including taxes, equipment purchases, hard ticket printing service, payment processing fees and other Ticketor services are not eligible for the commission.

You cannot refer existing or past Ticketor customers.

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